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The Initiative.

To ensure every viable UK based business that wants or needs professionally installed, monitored and maintained security gets it at a price they can afford.

Installation of almost every security system provided through this site is free; all systems are certified by the Security Systems Alarms inspection Board (SSAIB). This initiative is open to sole traders, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited companies and public limited companies alike. Each business or their proprietors are required to sign a 36 month commitment.

This website has been designed to be a single point of reference and application processing portal. It can be used by all members of the UK business community to apply for the free installation of a security system into their own business or by advisors such as business crime prevention officers, crime prevention officers, insurance brokers, chambers of commerce and other professionals or trade associations on behalf of businesses they represent or advise.

The BCRU provides affordable security and business monitoring systems to businesses throughout England, Wales & Northern Ireland. In almost every occasion the security and business monitoring equipment is installed free of charge, all the business has to pay for is the rental of the hardware, it’s monitoring and aftercare. Monthly costs range dependant on requirements and typically start from as little as £35 per month plus vat with the maximum monthly cost currently being £41.50* per month plus vat for a system with smoke detection and GSM communications. (*There is a one of cost of £175 plus vat for the GSM communications equipment for this range).

It costs nothing to apply for an installation and all orders can be cancelled with no penalties up to 48 hours before installation however there is a £25 cancellation fee for applications cancelled after this period.

The services provided through this initiative are supported by all of the necessary accrediting bodies. All personnel involved with the delivery of the security and business monitoring are security screened to BS4737 and all installations conform to EN50131 Grade 2. All systems have audio verification and are monitored by a NACOSS Gold accredited alarm receiving centre.  

There are 4.3 million businesses operating in the UK, 99.5% of these employ less than 50 people with an amazing 2,720,000 of these businesses being sole traders. SME businesses employ nearly 12,000,000 of the working population which is 58% of the UK’s private sector. Sadly it is these very businesses that are the most susceptible to the affects of business crime, some not recovering once becoming a victim. The work of the BCRU and this security programme is seen as a major initiative not only helping reduce business crime but also assisting with business sustainability and the reduction in time police dedicate to responding to the ever increasing demands police response alarms place on them. Many of these smaller businesses are by their very nature fragile and are run on a month by month basis; as we enter this period of economic uncertainly we have to ensure we do all we can to increase these organisations strength by assisting them with the provision of affordable security systems.

It is estimated that around 30% of SME businesses based in the UK do not have comprehensive insurance, meaning that they have limited or no ‘Content’ or ‘Business Interruption’ insurance. The most predominant reason for this is that insurers will not offer them suitable cover because of their risk profile. In some cases as little as £5000 worth of ‘high risk’ stock (Computers, electrical goods, tobacco, liqueur etc) can mean that the business has to install a police response alarm system before cover will be given. These systems are expensive to install, monitor and maintain and each system installed increases the pressures put on police resources in responding to them should there be an activation.

It is recognised that ‘bells only’ security is restricted in its effectiveness due to its limited functionality and lack of connectivity. Bells only systems isolation means they cannot offer their users anything other than their deterrent value. With recent changes in nose pollution legislation almost all bells only systems need either adjusting or replacing to comply.

The financial leap from the above described systems up to a point where insurers recognise the risk reduction benefits means that the next step up the security ladder, which is several rungs high, is to police response systems. Whilst this leap affords insurers a measurable risk reduction it does mean that smaller or new business within the SME sector have to increase their security budget to a point where some, (circa 30%) cannot afford it.

BCRU sub-contract the installation of the security systems out to professionally accredited security companies who operate in the geography of the business taking up the solution. This ensures that a good proportion of the revenue generated stays in the economy local to the business benefiting from the security and also aids in the speedy and cost effective maintenance of each installation.

As each business that takes up the solutions benefit from a measurable reduction in risk insurers are happier to underwrite the business with more comprehensive policies at affordable premiums.

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