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To apply for a MonitoredShop Security and Business Monitoring system please click on the Apply Now.

Monitored Shop
The most important part of any business is its people; that’s its staff and its customers. You as the person or the owner of your store are responsible for looking after the safety of both whilst they’re in your store. Having this responsibility, it is important to make sure everyone is as safe and secure whilst they’re under your care as you can make them. It is a sad fact, but violent crime and in particular robbery in shops is on the increase. This is why MonitoredShop has been specifically developed to offer as much protection as it can.
Lone Worker
Imagine the situation where a member of your staff working alone in your shop is faced with someone acting suspiciously; this is a difficult situation, it would be wrong to act accusingly to what could be a perfectly innocent shopper, but your employee still feels uneasy about being on their own with this person. Simply pressing two buttons on a pocket keyfob connects your premises directly with the security system’s monitoring station, a voice channel will be automatically opened and within seconds the lone worker will be joined by an operator who will talk directly to your premises and make sure that everything is okay. As soon as the connection is made, both your employee and any customers in your shop will know that your security company is on hand. This simple but effective functionality helps make your staff feel more comfortable, it lets visitors to your store know you have effective security and it gives you peace of mind that you’re doing what you can to make your business a pleasant and safe place to both work and shop.

Hazard Detection
Of course robbery and burglary are not the only perils that threaten your business. The damage and disruption not to mention dangers caused by fire and flood can be catastrophic to any business. However, by simply including the hazard detection package to your system you can rest assured that should any of these potential dangers be realised, our monitoring station will contact you and the relevant authorities straight away. Upgrading the MonitoredShop system with the installation of smoke and flood detectors does more than just protect your premises; it helps minimize the disruption it would suffer should either of these perils occur.

Monitored Security
Ask any insurance company and they will tell you that if you haven’t got a monitored alarm, you haven’t got an alarm. The MonitoredShop security system is a fully monitored SSAIB certificated security system. This means that rather than making an annoying noise that people will just ignore, the MonitoredShop system connects directly to our 24 hour NSI (NACOSS) Gold approved central monitoring station. The monitoring station will then contact your nominated key holders in the order you have requested to let them know what type of activation has occurred.

Therefore rather than just relying on the good will of a passerby, you have a procedure in place in the event of a burglary that means you can remain confident that someone will be there to either call the police or mitigate the amount of disruption that will be caused to your business. In truth, the likelihood of your business being targeted once it has a monitored security system installed is actually very slim.

To read more about other functions of the MonitoredShop please click on the picture of the MonitoredShop Brochure and download the PDF.

A standard MonitoredShop installation includes:
1 X Control Panel with built in voice communication)
5 X Sensors (combination of movement 3 x PIR’s and 2 x door contacts)
1 X Dummy Bell Box with Flashing LED
2 X Keyfobs

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Monitored Shop Brochure (PDF)

Monitored Shop Brochure

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