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To apply for a MonitoredUnit Security and Business Monitoring system please click on Apply Now.

Units on industrial estates are used for all manner of business, whether you’re running a store, warehouse, workshop or factory you will face the same difficulties. During the day estates are often busy places with legitimate people going about their business, unfortunately in amongst these unfamiliar faces are people looking for an opportunity to help themselves to what ever they can; worse still, in the evenings and at weekends industrial estates are left very vulnerable as few people are visiting. Both of these circumstances make industrial estates easy targets for crime.
Employing a MonitoredUnit will cost your business just 5p an hour, it will work for you 24 hours a day 365 days and year, it’ll never be late and it will do a lot more than just look after your business when its closed. It will help keep your staff safe should they be working alone; it can help alert you to people who’ve just wandered in, and detect smoke and escaping water or fluid. The MonitoredUnit business monitoring system does away with these unnecessary financial barriers. We will install the standard equipment necessary at no charge; you only pay £35+VAT per month for the monitoring and its aftercare.

On warmer days businesses like yours often leave the roller shutters open to keep the place cool. This is fine as long as there is always someone to ensure stock or machinery doesn’t go missing. With the curtain upgrade to MonitoredUnit you can trigger an audible chime that will let you know that someone has entered your premises. The curtain is an additional PIR that is set to cover a small area or strip just behind where your roller shutter is. 

Hazard Detection
Of course robbery and burglary are not the only perils that threaten your business. The damage and disruption not to mention the dangers caused by fire and flood can be catastrophic to any business. However, simply by including the Hazard detection package in your system you can rest assured that should any of these potential dangers be realized, our monitoring station will contact you and the relevant authorities straight away.

Monitored Security
Ask any insurance company and they will tell you that if you haven’t got a monitored alarm, you haven’t got an alarm. The MonitoredUnit security system is a fully monitored SSAIB certificated security system. This means that rather than making an annoying noise that people will just ignore, the MonitoredUnit connects directly to our 24 hour NSI (NACOSS) Gold approved central monitoring station. The monitoring station will then contact your nominated key holders in the order you have requested to let them know what type of activation has occurred.

Therefore rather than just relying on the good will of a passersby you have a procedure in place in the event of a burglary that means you can remain confident that someone will be there to either call the police or mitigate the amount of disruption that will be caused to your business. In truth the likelihood of your business being targeted once it has a monitored security system installed is actually very slim.

To read more about other functions of the MonitoredUnit please click on the picture of the MonitoredUnit Brochure and download the PDF.

A standard MonitoredUnit installation includes
1 X Control Panel with built in voice communication)
5 X Sensors(combination of movement 2 x PIR’s and 2 x standard door contacts 1 x roller shutter contact)
1 X Dummy Bell Box with Flashing LED
2 X Keyfobs.

extra monitored Unit Pricing


Monitored Unit Brochure (PDF)

Monitored Shop Brochure

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